#7 (WEEK 3) Create a blog post about anything technology-related that interests you this week

Simply blog about anything technology related. Yes, it can be anything that relates to technology! You just need to share a few thoughts. For example:
"I like digital cameras because it's much easier to share photos with family and friends now that I have a Flickr account".
"Skype lets me talk with friends through computers".
"Technology advancements for music and medical equipment are amazing! Video Games, iTunes, iPods, iPADs, FLIP video, GPS navigational systems, Flatscreen televisions, etc."
Curriculum Connections:
  • Idea #1: Never miss an opportunity to share and discuss issues related to technology such as Internet safety & ethics, censorship, plagiarism, copyright, and library collection development.
  • Idea #2: Ask students what technology device (cell phone, video game system) or app (application) is their favorite and why. Learn from our kids!

PS: Add at least one comment to another participant's blog. That's what online communities are all about - connecting and communication. CHEER and otherwise encourage your CSLA colleagues :)

Suggested "tags" or labels: technology trends